Lauren Compton Body, Career, Boyfriend & Net Worth (2024)

The American actress and stand-up comedian Lauren Compton is best known for playing a lead role in a short film called HELP. Apart from appearing in several movies and television shows, she is also a social media influencer who has amassed huge followers on Instagram and TikTok.

Lauren Compton Body, Career, Boyfriend & Net Worth (1)

Do you know that Lauren is also a gymnast and YouTuber? Well, there are several things about her that are unknown to her fans. We will disclose her age, height, career, net worth, boyfriend, and many more through this discussion. But, right now, let’s look at some quick facts.

Quick Facts: Lauren Compton

Real Name:Lauren Elise Compton
Nick Name:Will update soon
Birth Date:September 15, 1987
Age:33 years old
Birth Place:Dallas, Texas, U.S.
Resident:Los Angeles, California
Father’s Name:Will update soon
Mother’s Name:Will update soon
Siblings:Will update soon
Height:5 feet 3 inches
Weight:50 kg
Body Measurements:32-27-37 inches
Eye Color:Will update soon
Hair Color:Blonde
Education:Will update soon
Boyfriend:Will update soon
Spouse:Will update soon
Net Worth:$5 million
Social Media Presence:Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tik Tok

Who Is Lauren Compton?| Short Bio

Lauren Compton is an American stand-up comedian and actress born and raised in Dallas, Texas, as Lauren Elise Compton. Moreover, this persona has not shared much about her childhood life, but it had pretty comfortable with most of the necessities being fulfilled by her parents.

Talking about her parents, this beauty has not disclosed the names and whereabouts them yet. Likewise, the information about her siblings is in the dark too. If anything comes out, readers will be updated right away.

Not to mention, this lady holds an American nationality and belongs to the white ethnic group; moreover, she comes from a Christian family. Further, this lady completed her high school education from her hometown; however, it is not known that either she ever went to college or not.

How Old Is Lauren Compton?| Height and Body Measurements

Coming to 2020, this amazing actress is 32 years oldsince she was born in the year 1987 on the date of September 15. Meanwhile, she falls under the sun sign of Virgo which makes her hardworking, creative, patient, and reliable.

Furthermore, Lauren stands an average stature of 5 feet 5 inches or 160 cm tall and weighs about 110 lbs, which comes to be around 50 kg. Howbeit, the details about her shoe size along with her dress size are under the radar of the media.

Not to mention, this comedian has got a breathtaking figure. Moreover, her slim build measures 32-27-37 inches which is an ideal figure for a bikini. To maintain herself fit, this hottie hits the gym regularly, where she indulges in some intensive workouts and eats a healthy balanced diet.

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Added to that, her beautiful face, long cheekbones, amazing lips, perfect nose, captivating pair of brown eyes, and luscious blonde hair play important roles in completing her physical appearance.

Professional Career

Just like her childhood background and personal life, there are very fewer details available regarding her profession. Besides that, we have searched for some exciting facts regarding her career, which are included in this topic.

Talking about Lauren, is a stand-up comedian who participates in several stage comedy shows. Besides that, she is also an actress who has appeared in the comedy-drama series I’m Dying Up Here.

Also, Compton, 32, went starring in ClownTown in 2016, Attack of the Killer Donuts in 2016, and Death House in 2017. On top of that, this starlet got the leading role in Justin Lin‘s short film HELP.

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As of now, this 5 feet 5 inches tall persona has featured in several popular movies in small roles such as Fast & Furious 7, Drive, Furious 8, Death House, S.W.A.T., and some others.

Apart from acting, this blonde bombshell is also a model she has got her own portfolio too. As of now, she has appeared in some of magazines and campaigns. Also, she has done several commercials for various brands and products.

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Not to mention, this gorgeous diva is also a social media star who has amassed around 182k followers on her Instagram page. On this platform, this American uploads her amazing pictures, photoshoots, modeling shoots, selfies, workout videos, brand endorsem*nts, and many more.

Besides Instagram, she is also active on TikTok. On this platform, she has garnered around 656.7k followers and 6.6 million likes. More so, she has a self-titled YouTube channel, which she joined back on June 26, 2015.

Who Is The Boyfriend of LaurenCompton?

There is no denying that Lauren has won the hearts of thousands of people out there with her absolute beauty and amazing piece of work. Without a doubt, there will be a line of guys out there if she wants to date anyone. But is Compton single?

Analyzing her Instagram posts, what we have got is, Lauren is in a romantic relationship with a guy named KC Dean, who is a professional biker, skier, traveler, and ambassador.

Lauren Compton Body, Career, Boyfriend & Net Worth (3)

Well, it is not known when the pair met for the first time and when they started dating. However, they look pleased together. The two of them often feature on one another’s Instagram accounts.

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Apart from Dean, there is no record of Compton’s other relationships in the past years. Moreover, she is not married yet and does not have any biological child coming to this date.

Net Worth, Salary, and Lifestyle

According to some online sources, this comedian has an estimated net worth of $5 million. Well, this hazel-eyed lady owns most of the money by being a stand-up comedian.

Besides that, Lauren also earns money from her other professions, i.e., acting, modeling, and being an Instagram star.

Lauren Compton Body, Career, Boyfriend & Net Worth (4)

Furthermore, this diva is young and has got a long career ahead of her, so one can guess that she is going to earn a hefty amount of money in the coming days.

Also, she is hardworking, ambitious, and talented; more so, her popularity on social media is increasing day by day which will definitely help her to add some more bucks to her account in the future.

There is no denying that Compton is living an expensive lifestyle right now. Well, she is living in Los Angeles, California. Besides that, she has not disclosed her salary, house, and car to the media. If anything pops out, readers will be updated instantly.

Social Media Reach

Being a social media influencer, Lauren has got an enormous fanbase on her various platforms. As of now, she is active on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube; through these platforms, she loves to interact with her beloved fans.

Instagram: 182k followers

Twitter: 14k followers

YouTube: 2.15k followers

TikTok: 656.8k followers

Lauren Compton Body, Career, Boyfriend & Net Worth (2024)


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